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  • Are the materials in your products safe?
    We only use food-approved glazes in our products and the clay we use comes from nature. All our products are therefore safe for their users.
  • Do your products withstand lubricants?
    Yes. You can use all water- and oil-based lubricants, oils and condoms with our products. In addition, our products are completely waterproof, so you can use them in the shower or bath without worry.
  • How do I clean my product?
    Our products can withstand cleaning with all commonly used cleaning and disinfecting agents. We recommend using mild soap and warm water for cleaning and drying the products with a soft cloth or paper after washing. If you wish, you can disinfect the products with a disinfectant of your choice. However, avoid abrasives and highly acidic or alkaline cleaning agents.
  • Is your delivery discreet?
    We pack and deliver products discreetly in standard cardboard boxes. The abbreviation of our company's name is marked as the sender on the deliveries.
  • Does the ceramic toy feel cold?
    Ceramics absorb heat efficiently, which is why ceramic toys are excellent for thermal stimulation. If you want, you can warm the toy in warm water, or cool it down with ice cubes or in the refrigerator. We strongly recommend trying temperature play with ceramic toys!
  • Ceramics break easily! Do I dare to use your products?
    The fragility of ceramics is a myth that lives on tenaciously. In reality, it takes a surprising amount of force and a sharp edge to break a ceramic object. Clay turns into ceramics when fired, which largely corresponds to tempered glass or stone in its properties. Under normal conditions, our products withstand all hardships they encounter. Ceramics are also extremely resistant to temperature fluctuations as well as various cleaning agents and lubricants. However, it is possible that the glazed surface of the product will break, for example, when dropped on a hard floor. So handle your purchase carefully and avoid knocking it on hard surfaces. A damaged toy should not be used.
  • What kind of products does Valoa tunnelliin oy sell?
    We manufacture and sell handmade ceramics. We specialize in sexual well-being products and interior design with sexual twist. In our store you can find ceramic dildos dildos and anal plugs, massage candles, handmade soap bars and other decor. For the sake of clarity, we have separated the sexual well-being products into their own category in our online store. However, if you wish, you can order products from our entire product range with the same order.
  • Who designs your product?
    We design all our products ourselves. During production, we pay attention to design, usability and aesthetics in order to create beautiful and functional objects that work well as details in interior decor. If you feel like you want to display our products on a bookshelf or bedside table, we have achieved our goal. In order to guarantee product safety, we follow the recommendations of industry standards such as ISO 3533 in our design.
  • Where is your product manufactured?
    All our products are handmade in Vantaa Martinlaakso.
  • The product I received does not completely match the picture in your online store. What is causing this?
    All our products are made by hand. Since the production of ceramics naturally involves a small amount of randomness, the delivered products may differ slightly from the example pictures. For example in terms of the glaze patterns. Each item we make is unique, and there is no other exactly like it. We strive for as uniform a shape and coloring as possible, and the differences from the images in our online store are not big.
  • Are your products environmentally friendly?
    We do our best to be as environventally friendly as possible. in all our activities. We recycle all our waste properly and use packaging materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We minimize the amount of waste generated by recycling all the clay waste generated in the manufacturing process into new products. Our oven equipment represents the latest model and is equipped with multiple layers of insulation to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency. Ceramic is natural material and products made from it are known fo their longevity. The oldest known ceramic objects are thousands of years old, which means that with good care our products last from generation to generation.
  • Do your products have a right of return?
    All online sales are subject to a 14-day return period. Due to their nature, some of our products have a limited return right that applies to broken seals. We naturally accept unused items and faulty products in all cases. Exact return instructions can be found in our delivery conditions.
  • Do you make products to measure?
    Yes! If you wish, you can order products from us tailored to your taste. For example, if you find a model on our website that you like but would like it in a different color, contact us and let us know your wishes and we will fulfill them if possible You can also order completely tailored and made-to-measure items. Contact us and tell us your special wishes, and we'll see how we can make them come true.
  • Why would I buy Valoa from tunneli oy?
    When you buy a product from us, you support Finnish craftsmanship and small business. You can be sure that your product is made professionally and with care. In addition, you will get unique handmade item that will bring you joy and pleasure for years to come.
  • Do you have a store?
    At the moment we only operate online. We may have resellers in the future. Visiting our studio in Martinlaakso is possible by agreement (for example to oattend dildo crafting course), but we do not have fixed opening hours.
  • How quickly will the products I ordered arrive?
    We deliver the products that are in stock quickly. Usually we send the ordered products on the next business day. If the product you ordered is not in stock, the delivery time is about 6 weeks. This is the time manufacturing of our unique products take.
  • Is online payment safe? Will you save my card number?
    The online payment service is provided to us by Klarna oy and WIX payments. We do not store credit card information at any point in the ordering process, and credit card information is not forwarded to us with other order information. We only receive information about the approved payment transaction. The payment service provider is responsible for the security of card payments.
  • Do you deliver products abroad? What does delivery cost?
    We deliver products within the European Union. All orders over €50 are delivered free of postage in Finland and the Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) regions. For orders under €50, €12 shipping costs are added Postage costs (€12) are added to deliveries in the following EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary
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