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Playing as an Adult: What Can I Do With These Toys?!?

. As an adult, it is often difficult to be playful, especially in the bedroom. But intimate moments can become more fun, enjoyable, and varied with the use of sex toys so they definitely are worth giving a go. Although sex toys are frequently used for solo play, there are many ways to include them in partner activities to mix things up and experience new ways of pleasure. To give you some ideas on what to try out, we collected some hints on different ways you can play with them!

What Can I do when flying solo?

Masturbation Enhancement:

Sex toys like vibrators or dildos can increase the level of pleasure when masturbating. Try out various textures, materials, sizes, and settings to see which suits you the best. There are toys designed for particular erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, G-spot, or prostate, so there are plenty to choose from when looking for new sensations to amplify your pleasure and orgasms.

Role play and fantasy:

Fantasies and role playing is not just for mutual fun. Whether it's a lifelike dildo or a toy that looks like tentacle, incorporate role-play scenarios into your solo play by using toys that correspond to your fantasies.

What about when im not alone?

Enjoy foreplay:

Toys are great way to tease and tantalize one another during foreplay. Try different vibrating toys, feather ticklers, or blindfolds to bring the experience to a new level.

Mutual stimulation:

There are toys that are especially designed as couple's toys, such as vibrating cock rings or remote-controlled vibrators. These can be used to give each other pleasure also during sex.

Thermodynamic play:

Play with temperature by using toys made of ceramics, glass or metal. They can be made warm or cool to create a special and thrilling experience.

Long-distance sex with app-connected toys:

Play around with app-controlled sex toys to experience long-distance fun. These toys bridge the gap created by physical separation by enabling partners to remotely control each other's stimuli. These toys can be really exciting when used in public as a secret, or to ease longing in long distance relationships.

Sensory play with blindfolds and restraints:

Add a sense of surprise and anticipation to your bedroom activities by using blindfolds or different kinds or restraints. Soft bdsm can be really exciting and sensual. If ropes and straps feel too intimidating, try silk scarfs. Even holding partners' hands still with your own hands can be a real turn on for both.

Feather ticklers and massage oils:

Feather ticklers and sensual massage oils can help you and your partner relax and enjoy an erotic encounter. They work great as foreplay, since light touch and massage are great ways to tune mind and body to erotic mood.

Swings, straps and cushions:

Sometimes it can be physically difficult to find a good position for sexual pleasure. One possibility to get past physical restraints are different cushions, straps, sex wedges and swings. These can help enormously if disability or physical strength are an obstacle for enjoyable and relaxed sex.

Dual stimulation:

Toys can be included into various sexual positions to provide dual simulation and intense sensations for both partners. Try vibrator on the clitoris or testicles during penetration, or add a butt plug to the mix. Only imagination sets limits to the ways sex toys can be used, whether you are enjoying alone or with someone. Remember that open communication with your partner, exploring your desires, and being willing to try new things are the keys to enjoying toys, so always put mutual enjoyment, consent, and communication as your top priorities when trying out new things. Happy playtime and remember to have fun! Sex is not meant to be too serious!

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